Journey to Gestalt

Today I did my first ultrasound guided thyroid biopsy…make that first 3 thyroid biopsies. It was nice big step toward the ultimate goal of residency. The gestalt that is radiology. The big picture. I had this realization that everyday during residency I get a slightly closer to mastering radiology. Its like when you load a program on the computer and it tells you in a bar graphic what percent complete it is. And the bar creeps ever closer to the end as the percentage inches up. That is how I feel each day. Some days my bar edges over more than others. Some days it feels like it isn’t moving at all.

I would say that people make the most progress toward the 100% (which in my mind equals passing the oral boards) in the first year. I think the learning curve is the steepest and you learn 40-50% in the first year alone. Then the rest comes over the next 3 years. And as you learn more other pieces start to fit easier and progress is made with less struggle. At least I hope.

Tomorrow night is my first accompanied call. And it is St. Patrick’s day. I hope there aren’t crazy bar fights and drunk people losing consciousness left and right. There probably will be. I better review head CT’s. Tomorrow my green will be my scrubs.

Here is one  my favorite T-shirt designs of all time:

Kinda gross but funny nonetheless. Check it out at my web site.


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