Fair Warning

Well it’s Friday and I have survived my first week of ultrasound. Today we had a patient come in for a biopsy of a lymph node in her neck. She had thyroid cancer in the past, so there was concern for recurrence. When we were explaining the procedure to her and getting her consent, she warned us that when she gets nervous she talks a alot and acts “stupid”.  We emphasized to her the importance of not talking, so that the soft tissues of her neck would not move while we had a needle in her. She seemed to understand. Once the procedure got going, the whole not talking thing went out the window. She must have been really nervous, because there was all kinds of chatter coming from her, even with the needle buried in her neck. We kept having to ask her to be quiet and keep her hands out of the sterile field. It caused us a little anxiety, but fortunately we were able to get the biopsy without puncturing any vessels or the trachea. Because that would have been not so good.

Next week I start taking “practice” call. Can’t wait…

Here is what I consider the most absurd product from the Pantalaine web site:



If anyone knows what is going here, please comment and tell me.


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