Dumb and Dumber

relaxThe worst part about being a first year radiology resident is constantly being the least knowledgable person in the reading room (except for the med student of course). And with the way rotations work, as soon as you get to know a little about what you are doing, you move on to something else you know nothing about. I am not only talking about anatomy and disease, but also how everything works; the computer systems, the biopsy needles,  the attendings individual likes and dislikes when it comes to wording a report, etc… This cycle is very hard on the ego. I suppose it is like a rite of passage tht every resident goes through. I can hardly wait for a few months from now when the new first years come in. Then, there will finally be some people that know less than I do.

This has been a tough first week on ultrasound, my last rotation before I start repeating. Tomorrow is Friday and I am overjoyed. My difficulties motivate me to read, and that is a good thing. But there will be no reading by the pool this weekend.

If you need a little comic relief, check out the “prank war” videos on this site. They are pretty funny and elaborate.



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