Focal Fatty Infiltration by the Pool

This blog post is brought to you by Snuggie, one of the weirdest infomercial products I have ever seen…

Today is a glorious spring day with temperatures in the 70’s after a long stretch of bitter cold, and most importantly, it’s Saturday. I’ve caught up on some sleep, did some overdue chores around the house, hit the gym and then grabbed my ultrasound Requisites book and went to the the pool. Everybody was out exposing their ashen torsos except for those who have been obviously tanning throughout the winter. People were reading about medicine and law. There were a few business folks out as well, all thirstily soaking up the rays. I never felt so good reading about hepatocellular carcinoma.

Yesterday was supposed to be my last day on GI, but I was assigned to substitute in the chest room again. I came in the morning and started looking at one PA/Lat after another. There was music coming from attending’s computer on the other side (he was not there). At first it just sounded like opera, which was calming. Then, a familiar tune started playing and I began humming along, not really thinking about what it was. Then it hit me. It was “Noel”, the christmas carol. I had heard rumors that this particular attending listened to christmas music all year long, but I didn’t believe it. But here it is in March, and sure enough, one after the other, the carols played. It got really annoying, but I obviously couldn’t change the attending’s internet radio station. Fortunately, the other chest attending was equally as annoyed, and she ended up changing it. Hallelujah!

I watched Nacho Libre after several glasses of wine last night. Here is a picture of Nacho and his wrestling partner in their “stretchy pants”.

Sweet Stretchy Pants

Sweet Stretchy Pants


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  1. instead of a “Snuggie” i prefer to call mine a “Power Blanket”

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