Enough whining already…

So I came home from work today and my wife asked me what I did. I told her that I stuck a tube in a man’s penis, injected contrast and took some pictures. Then I stuck a tube in this guy’s rectum injected contrast and took some pictures. Then, I put a caulking gun in a woman’s anus, injected barium paste and watched her defecate. (And, of course, took some pictures.) She then said “ugh, I could never do it”. And that was the end of the conversation…

It was a great day at work, though. The schedule was light, we had some interesting cases and we finished nice and early. Tomorrow we have MSK conference. That’s a little nerve racking. The attending can make you feel really dumb. I am going to have to cram some fracture eponyms tonight.

After reading my last 2 posts, I realize that I am complaining a lot. I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression.  I am absolutely grateful to have made it as far as I have and to be a radiology resident at a great program. There were many times along my path to this point that I thought I would never get here. But I do use this blog as therapy, so there is going to be some bitching now and then.

I think if I wasn’t a resident, I would want to be Andy Samberg. Him and his friends are hilarious:


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