Indecisive like Jason Mesnick

Ok, I admit it. I watched The Bachelor finale last night. Pretty much all 3 hours of it. Granted, I was going through the UVA High Res Chest CT tutorial while it was on, but I still witnessed the utterly dramatic flip flop that Jason pulled in front of all of America (all while Ty was taking a nap). You won’t remotely understand that last part unless you watched. Sorry.


So 3 hours in radiology resident free time is like an eternity. Just think of how many pages of Brant & Helms I could have read in that time. No wonder I didn’t know the answer to the question asked of me in conference today: What percentage of lung if contused is prognostic of requiring mechanical ventilation… 40%. People who read instead of watching The Bachelor know the answer to those kind of questions…

So I stepped away from my GI rotation today to substitute in the chest reading room. I read like 50 x-rays. Painful. And I couldn’t wear scrubs. At least I didn’t get peed on.

So as another outlet for my bottled up creative energy besides this blog, I am filming a documentary at work. I get footage in our 15 minutes of free time after conference before we are expected to return to the reading rooms. I do short interviews using the Flip my brother got me for being his Best Man. As you can imagine, with only 15 minutes a day to get footage, the project is progressing slowly. And people are anxious, but I keep telling them that these things take time. I am pretty sure that they all think I am crazy. I don’t really fit into the mold that all the others fall into. Instead of roaming the halls with an open book in my hand (one 4th year does this all the time) I am thinking about my next t-shirt design, the next footage for my documentary and making a beer pong table. (We are going to have a tournament next month, if I can get some plywood). Perhaps this is why I am feeling a little stifled by residency. Don’t get me wrong, I like interpreting images, but it can’t be the only thing in my life. I think this is why I will never be a truly great radiologist. This is hard to swallow. At least I don’t have a Schatzki ring.

Check out my t-shirts and mugs here.

Here is a sample design:



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