Irony is getting run over by an ambulance.

I had a realization over the weekend that radiology residency is just not cutting it for me. (Maybe I should consider surgery?…:) I am constantly having feelings of longing for something more in my life. And when I sit down to really think about what is missing, I come to the conclusion that I have no outlet for creativity other than deciding whether I will use the word “normal” or “unremarkable” in my reports. I need more, a lot more. So MedJester is back and starting fresh. God it feels good to refer to myself in the thrid person!

I started blogging a few months ago and ran out of steam after about 9 posts, but this time it’s going to be different. (I think the Buffalo Bills said that a few times in the 90’s.) But I’m serious this time. I need this. It gives me a platform for all of the items I put aside in my mind throughout the day that I think others might find amusing. Because the most valuable thing in the world is a good laugh. Laughter makes you happy, keeps you young, lowers your cholesterol, increases your sperm count, etc…

For example, I got peed on today. Totally sprayed, and not by a cute little clean smelling baby either. A full grown not so clean smelling adult. You got to laugh about that… The resident I was working with got a huge laugh out of it. I guess they don’t call it a voiding cystourethrogram for nothing. But you know what I say, “When it comes to imaging, VCUG’s always come out number one!”

So in noon conference today, our lecturer asks “What is the most common location for gastric lymphoma?” And then proceeds to tell us it’s the stomach…

As I used to, because I am a money grubbing whore, I will plug my medical T-shirt and mug site like I used to.

And leave you with this brand new design in honor of my favorite album of the 10th grade The Chronic. (You can get it on a t-shirt or mug at the link above.)dre


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